Внимавай, внимавай!

Това не е ли…

Не, не може да е той…

Ама тоз в нашия град ли е?

Не бе, глупости, как ще е?

Баш той си е! Не го гледай, не го гледай! Ще те урочаса!

Пу! Пу! Пепел ти на устата!

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Мъжът седеше на малък дървен стол на хълма. Морето бе точно пред него, изпълнило взора му, и грохота на разбиващите се в скалите вълни го оглушаваха. Слънцето припичаше уморено, въздухът бе свеж и морският бриз нежно галеше бузите му и развяваше черната като катран коса. И днес носеше любимото си тъмносиньо яке с три райета на десния ръкав, а пръстите на краката му се подаваха от полускъсаните обувки.

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The Mariner

Part two

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           With the tugboat anchored firmly to the dockside, he barged in the house. His arms felt heavy, the colour drained from his face and he was barely breathing. His daughter rushed to greet him but stopped dead in her tracks, gawking at the pale shadow that used to be her father. The wife followed soon after and embraced the child firmly, with tears pushing their way out. Falling down on his knees, the mariner mustered the remainder of his strength to reassure them he is no ghost, but in fact still very much alive, and begged them for food and water. Continue reading The Mariner


Chill winter morning. The train station was almost deserted but one could feel the liveliness floating in the air. It was early, just after sunrise, and there weren’t many people around. Maybe this was the reason for the vitality of the morning – all life seems to have awoken from the night’s sleep and was yet to be sucked away by the countless people about.

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